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"Empowering Generations For The Moments Of Life"

Dwayne Green took immediate interest in providing care to families in the death of their loved one. At a young age he gained the perspective that funerals are tributes and a valuable part of the grieving process. This understanding inspired him to pursue a career offering help and support to families through their times of tragedy and loss.

Since 1994, Green has been a Georgia Licensed Funeral Director, Embalmer and Master Cosmetologist. He became a funeral director to serve the community. In the early part of Green’s career, he moved to the Caribbean Islands realizing his gifted hands should not be limited to an area but to all those in need. At times it hasn’t been an easy task but each experience has taught him a new lesson and the true meaning of a helping hand.

Dwayne and his wife Dionne, who serves as the Operations Administrative Specialist for the organization, enjoy working together and spending time with their daughter, Baby Daphne. Mrs. Dionne Green is also a licensed cosmetologist, funeral director, and embalmer. Dionne also graduated from Gupton Jones College of Funeral Services in February of 2011 and is a great compliment to Dwayne’s funeral services. Dwayne has a son, RoShawn, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Dwayne is very proud of his family and treasures every moment spent together.

Green’s life has been enriched by meeting and educating families. It is his honor to serve families and help them through the grieving process because it is the work of his life, his calling. He is blessed beyond measure by people who have both mentored and encouraged him, and it is his sincere desire to use his gifts and talents to be there for others and to walk alongside them on their journey to Greener Pastures.


"Empowering Generations For The Moments Of Life"


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